Published on08/24/2018 6:49 am

Mouth cancer, or oral cancer as it is also known, is the growth of sore patches in the mouth. These can grow on lips, tongue, palate, inside of the cheeks, gums, etc. Mouth cancer can be fatal, if is not diagnosed early and treated on time.

Symptoms of Mouth Cancer

  • Unexplained bleeding in mouth
  • Development of velvety red, white, or white & red speckled patches in the mouth.
  • Soreness in the throat, making it difficult to swallow
  • Hoarseness in voice and difficulty in speaking
  • Swelling or formation of lumps in the mouth

Risk Factors of Mouth Cancer

It has been observed that men are more likely to be affected by mouth cancer than women. Furthermore, men above the age of 50 are at greatest risk. Risk factors of mouth cancer include:

  • Smoking: People who smoke pipe, cigars, and/or cigarettes are six times more likely to be affected by mouth cancer.
  • Tobacco: Consumption of tobacco in the form of snuff, dip, or even by chewing increases the risk of developing the mouth cancer by 50 times.
  • Excessive
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