Published on02/01/2018 9:32 am

Classified as a kind of cosmetic surgery, liposuction surgery or lipoplasty is primarily involved with the surgical removal of fat from the body. This treatment procedure helps control multiple conditions arising from obesity. Some of these conditions and their subsequent affects are –




Excess fluid retention in tissues resulting in swelling


Fat accumulation under the breast tissues of men

Lipodystrophy syndrome

Imbalance of body fat due to fat accumulation in one body region and subsequent loss in other


Benign fatty tumor formations in assorted body regions

The surgery procedure

Liposuction requires a skilled and methodical approach. It is usually conducted on the patient by a highly skilled surgeon. Here is a brief overview of the surgery process –

1. Administering sedatives

Before the operation is conducted, sedative and anesthetic drugs are administered to the patient in order to make him or her inert during the operation procedure. Sometimes,

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