Published on 12/27/2017 4:14 am
Some Common Problems Related to Ear, Nose and Throat

Ear, nose, and throat are important organs of human body visibly exposed to the external environment, which is why they demand extra care to stay protected from allergies due to fungal infections and bacteria. Some of the common diseases or problems which affect the ear, nose and throat are listed below:

Allergic Problems:

1. Allergic Rhinitis :-

Allergic rhinitis is caused when some allergy-causing substance comes into contact with the nose, ears, eyes, sinuses, and throat. These allergy-causing substances are known as allergens. Some of the common examples include pollens, moulds, dust, animal dander and many more. The common signs and symptoms include watery eyes, itchy or runny nose, nasal and head congestion, lethargy, gut itchy throat, sneezing, postnasal drainage, itchiness and fatigue.

In case any of these symptoms are noticed, the person should seek immediate medication and consider visiting ENT specialist in Delhi or any other city.

Ear Related Problems

2. Outer ear infections:

It might cause itching in the ear canal, pain and swelling of the ear canal, discharge from the ear, and crusting around the ear canal. In case the ear gets swollen, the ENT specialist might insert a wick coated with antibiotic to let the medicine reach the infected area.

Nose Related Problems

3. Sleep Apnea:

It is caused when the person cannot breathe for more than 10 seconds at a time while he/she is sleeping. Sleep apnea is also termed as obstructive sleep apnea. A few probable causes of this include overweight, tobacco smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, lung disease, and an abnormal sleep pattern. Symptoms might include loud snoring interrupted with pauses in breathing followed by loud gasps, feeling restless in the morning, headaches, sleepiness throughout the day, trouble concentrating, anxiety, irritability, and light-headedness while driving etc.

Throat Related Issues

4. Vocal polyps and nodulesare growths:

4It might occur in various circumstances: straining the voice, hypothyroidism, radiation therapy in the neck, or long-lasting sinusitis with drainage, cough, and frequent throat clearing. The early symptoms of polyps and nodules are generally hoarseness, which is caused due to the growths which interfere with the flow of air passing the vocal cords. The treatment might include referring to a speech therapist may be at some good ENT hospital in Delhi or in some other city; surgical removal can also be suggested by the ENT specialist in case of greater damage.

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