Published on 02/19/2018 5:23 am
3 Simple Tips to Follow To Take Charge of Your Heart Health

Everyone wants to live a healthier, disease-free life with no inconvenience related to health. But when people are asked about what they do to take care of their health, not all have good answers to that. There are common health problems related to human heart which in itself is no less than a source of life, pumping blood to all our body parts. Directly or indirectly, there are habits we follow in our lives that significantly impact our heart, making it weaker with time.

This is especially evident in regions of Punjab, including Ludhiana. If you would ever visited one of the cardiology hospitals in Ludhiana, your doctors must have advised to take care of your heart in ways other than just taking the recommended medicines. Changing your habits and lifestyle as per your health conditions is simply one of the best ways to ensure good health.

Here are three simple tips you should follow to care for your heart and maintain a heart-healthy lifestyle:

1. Increase Your Physical Activity Level

Can you remember the last time you walked continuously for a few kilometers just because you wanted to? Sitting on your desk consistently without much movement during work hours and just relaxing in your couch at home does not help in maintaining your heart health; regular physical activity does. A normal morning walk at optimum pace or daily physical workout can help you in keeping your heart active and healthy.

2. Control Cholesterol Levels in Blood

Heart specialists recommend their patients with high blood cholesterol levels to keep a check on the fatty foods they consume. If you are also advised by your heart doctor to work upon maintaining your blood cholesterol level, you should start eating foods low in saturated fat and trans-fat or fat-free products. Adding more vegetables and fruits in your diet will also help in keeping your heart health maintained.

3. Schedule a Regular Checkup with Your Heart Doctor

Once you have started taking medicines and following a healthy lifestyle, another step to be followed is to regularly visit your heart doctor. You can also visit top rated heart hospitals in Ludhiana having the best cardiac surgeons and specialists for complete heart diagnosis and treatments.

These are small steps that can do your heart health a world of good. Put in the effort to follow them, and you’ll start seeing the benefits of it sooner that you expect.

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